Emerging trend alert: Vodcasting

July 2, 2008

Podcasting, vodcasting, video on the web, audio streaming.. blah blah blah… call it what you want but in a nutshell it’s all about watching and listening to stuff on the web (think you tube) as opposed to reading streams and streams of pages.

As a web copywriter you’d think I’d be slightly panicked, right? Wrong. Luckily enough I have a screenwriting Masters degree up my sleeve which is why I’m really excited that the Web is about to get seriously visual – broadband speed pending (insert bitch and moan about telcos/govt here) – because like any good performance, vodcasts need a great script.

So how does this apply to your business model? I know a lot of companies are testing the waters and getting great responses. I recently went to a seminar where Telstra told us how successful their internal web-casts have become. Apparently, staff would much prefer to watch the CEO say something via their handset than travel to another city to sit in a stuffy hotel ballroom and hear the same thing (who wouldn’t).

I think the sky’s the limit but the secret dear friends is TO KEEP IT VERY SHORT. User-drop out rates are just as high for video as they are for words.

Doing anything interesting in this space? Please do tell!




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