Why blogs are now cool

July 2, 2008

I love it that blogs have gone from being daggy geek-things to legitimate business tools that even the big businesses are now doing (although it’s the little guys who are leading the charge, generally because they don’t have legal teams to contend with).

Although they require a smallish committment (you want to update a least once a week/fortnight) company blogs are a wonderful way to connect to your target audience, establish yourself as a leader/expert in your field, test out new ideas (services, products etc) among many other reasons. They also give you a good chance to clear your head and express a fresh thought which is always a good thing.

What I particularly love about blogs is that they bring an element of transparency into business talk. There are some wonderful examples of how rigid company cultures have been shifted based on what was coming in through the blog…

Are you running a company blog or thinking about it?  How has your blog changed the way you talk to your clients?

It would be great to know how others are pushing this very cool boundary.




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