Why time out from technology is important

August 14, 2008

I’ve just had a week off with my family. We stayed in a little house in a national park miles away from the Internet. Even our mobile phones didn’t work. For some of you, this might send you into a sweaty panic but personally I found it quite liberating. No email to check. No blogs to read. No news websites to addictively peruse.

Instead I read (Hemingway actually – marvellous!) and took out my favourite thinking tool: my notebook. In it I drew litle diagrams, wrote down snippets of thought and made myself a MUST DO WHEN I GET BACK list which had a few work items on it but also personal, fun stuff that I’ve been putting off for ages.

So now I’m back. Plugged in once again to the 21st century. And yes, while I’m happy to be reconnected to the world I’m also thrilled that I’ve got a bag of new ideas that were born simply because I was disconnected. Not from myself though. Just the frantic world. How do you disconnect? Can you live without technology? Even for a day? Try it. It feels great.


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