Social Media: Just for kids?

September 10, 2008

There’s something about Web 2 which, for content creators, is both exciting and unfulfilling… exciting because of the enormous possibilities and potential opportunities. And unfulfilling because of most of the new content opportunities are very focussed around Gen Y. I love learning from Gen Y, after all they’re the early technology adaptors that the rest of us scramble to follow, but in terms of watching cool stuff on the web such as web TV and video, I’m not overly interested in teen story lines and MySpace pages written in teen speak.

The good news according to MySpace Director of Sales, Andrew Cordwell, who spoke at last week’s AIMIA event on Social Media, is that their Gen X and baby boomer demographics are growing (though teens and 20 somethings still rule). Dominique Hind from Mark also had some good client examples that showed how ‘traditional’ businesses with mixed-age audiences have put their toes in the Web 2 pond and had some success.

So are over 30s capable of embracing Web 2 and making it their own? Many of us already are (just look at Facebook’s success and the very cool Linked In) but hopefully we’ll be soon doing it in a way that makes total sense to us and doesn’t overly waste our time.

What new Web 2 tools do you engage with – happily and readily… without a teen insight?


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