Thanks Gayle!

September 17, 2008

I recently did a content audit and rewrite on a small business website, and had the pleasure of working with the owner and master resume writer, Gayle Howard. Gayle was suffering from a common web syndrome: being too close to your words. As a writer she had naturally written the copy herself but recognised that it needed an outsider’s opinion.

Anyway, to cut a long story short I worked with Gayle to improve the copy and enhance the user’s experience by making sure her work process (she creates impressive resumes for professionals, and it’s all done online) was super clear.

And at the risk of blowing my own trumpet just a little too loudly, here’s what she said.  

“Writing is a really funny field. Although I’m a professional resume writer, I could never even begin to write a poem, lyrics to a song or the great Australian novel! Great writers discover a niche and hone their craft and get good at it. Some, like Libby even get great at it. Let me explain…I had been struggling with my website for some time. Loved the format but as it was self-written I was too close the content. I felt it was too flowery, too long-winded, and didn’t represent the bold, fresh nature of the design. Enter Libby Varcoe, website content guru, marketing whiz and glowing referral by a person who knew Libby’s reputation for excellence. Libby personifies professionalism, yet she also exudes warmth and a sense of fun into the process. Someone should simply bottle Libby’s enthusiasm! Libby just doesn’t start writing and playing with words; she delves deep. Libby worked hard to understand my industry, find out who I was pitching to, analyze the navigation of my site, and provide insight following research into search engine optimization tips for my industry. Libby is simply everyone’s dream when it comes to simple, smart, get-your-message-across web content that drives customers to the next logical point of the process. She’s a ‘find’ there’s no doubt!”

Nice! Thanks Gayle.


One Response to “Thanks Gayle!”

  1. Gayle Howard Says:

    You’re most welcome. We belong to a mutual admiration society! Thank you Libby

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