How user-friendly is your company blog?

September 22, 2008

I’ve been yapping on about website usability for years and thanks to some recent research, I’m now also getting my head around some blog usability ideas. Naturally there are heaps of parallels and most of it is Web 101 stuff (less is best, headlines that act as signposts, clear contact us etc) but there are also a few differences that are worth thinking about. These include:

  • Putting your feed icon about the fold.
  • Making sure your images don’t run into text (which would never happen on a properly designed website).
  • Present your ideas visually

I’m the first to point out that this blog isn’t the most amazing looking and that’s because it’s a freebie. As part of my decision to add a company blog, I’m trialing this Word Press one before I get a proper one built into my site. It’s been a great exercise as I learned a lot, saving me having to end up doing an inevitable redesign… Sometimes it’s nice being a small business (actually, most of the time) but naturally if you’re a big company you’ll need to do it properly the very first time. Sorry.

Interested in more blog usability tips? Here’s a few links:

The Blog Usability Checklist

10 Weblog Mistakes

20 Usability Tips for your Blog


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