Small business week a big success

September 30, 2008

I do a fair bit of work for the NSW Department of State and Regional Development (DSRD) and I’m always amazed at the passion they have for helping people like me keep their businesses going. Last week I had the pleasure of running a web writing session for their annual Small Business Week about connecting to your online audience. Around 60 small biz folk rocked up to Dee Why RSL on a warm, sunny morning, and I must say they were so enthusiastic, funny and warm.

I heard so many great stories about really interesting small enterprises that people are running from their sunrooms all over town, which as always got me thinking about my own web projects and where I’d like to go to from here.

It’s always great to have a plan. Even if it’s not the one you end up using.

Here’s a snap of some happy networkers at the event. A huge thanks to Neil Davidson from Business Enterprise Centre Northside and Shannon Dearing and Maria Estrada from the DSRD for making it all come together on the day (the scones were great too).

Workshop participants working the room at DSRD's Small Business Week

Workshop participants working the room


4 Responses to “Small business week a big success”

  1. I attended your course, Libby, and I thought it was just superb, thank you so much. I couldn’t believe anyone could pack so much information into such a short time-frame, including audience participation, feedback, and a coffee break for networking. Not to mention making it interesting and accessible. Well done!
    Oh and of course I’ve been inspired to keep updating my blog and now trying to work out twitter.

  2. libbyvarcoe Says:

    Thanks for your feedback Stephanie. Your website looks great by the way.

  3. Thanks for such an inspiring morning, Libby.

    You gave me so many ideas for me to write about on my blog; this was something that I was quite stuck on. I’m really pleased with how it’s shaping up!

    I really enjoyed the interaction encouraged through your presentation skills. So many workshops are presenters ‘talking at’ so-called participants, who are not really participants at all! Such a wonderful opportunity to learn about other businesses and ideas.

    Thanks again for a thought-provoking presentation.

  4. libbyvarcoe Says:

    You’re very welcome Amanda. Thanks again for making the trek over.

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