Just came across the most impressive collection of Web 2 articles and tips courtesy of the Interactive Insights Group that I just have to share! Perfect for anyone wanting to execute a smart social media strategy – and those who are wondering what the hell it’s all about.

Must-read Social Media Links


I had a flurry of meetings with new clients last week and as part of my follow-up process I sent them all a Linked In invitation. If you haven’t heard, Linked In is the social network for professionals.  Free to set up, it is a wonderful way to stay in touch with people you’ve worked with, people you’d like to, and people you’ve met along the way who are great contacts or just downright interesting.

So anyway, I met 4 clients last week but only half were on Linked In which always really surprises me. Perhaps the word is still getting out but I can’t stress how important it is for you to spend the time setting up a great profile – especially in these fickle times when being in the right place in the right time is going to be extra important.

Here’s 5 things I love about Linked In

  • It brings me in work. I continue to get a number of calls from big clients who’ve found me by searching for an online copywriter on Linked In.
  • It helps me stay in touch with past clients. So instead of vanishing into the abyss, they know where to find me and I know where to find them!
  • It’s better than the Yellow Pages! Need an online marketing consultant? Video production company? Social Media expert? Linked In let’s you find them in a second and gives you a full squiz at their CV.
  •  It keeps me updated. Every week I get a round-up email that gives me the latest news on everyone who’s in my network. For example, who’s changed roles, who’s working on what project, who knows who, who had a haircut (well, almost). It keeps me right in the loop without leaving home!
  • It’s better than Facebook.  I’m the first to admit that I have a Facebook account but it’s private. I keep it as a playspace for my close friends who like to like to stay in touch and do the occasional crazy thing (not me, them). I’m quite fond of the personal/public division, so for me Linked In is the most professional way to stay in touch. You won’t see any pictures of me in my nurse’s gear there (sorry about that).

My Linked In profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/libbyvarcoe

Libby Varcoe on Linked In

Libby Varcoe on Linked In

Love to Link? Let me know how you make it work for you. Hate to Link? I’d love to know why.

Hot Summer Web Links

January 6, 2009

A new year usually means one of two critical things: a new website or a good scrub of last year’s content replacing the old with the new… especially in these wobbly economic times. What better time to reinvent ourselves!

Do some mental laps

Do some mental laps


Here are a few interesting links to get you thinking and help your brain make the transition back from the beach to business (if it really must).

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 Got any inspiring 2009 links to share? I’d love to hear from you.