Make it real

February 17, 2009

I’m sitting here reading over my notes from the Fairfax X-Media Lab conference I attended last week which was for the most part, really interesting. Highlights included speakers Meg Pickard (Head of Communities & User Experience, The Guardian) and Ben Self (Program Director Blue State Digital, Washington) who was the mastermind behind Obama’s online campaign.

One of the things that really struck me was that the most successful social networking stories were the ones that managed to capture a rapport that was created online and bring it into the real world to create actual events and in the case of Obama, change history.

A couple of gems:

* Understand why people want to be involved with your website.
* Be a good parent: reward them and create user value.
* Accept the fact there will always be dissent (we’re humans after all)
* Don’t make it complicated.
* Provide communal nourishment. Give something back.

Have you ever organised or attended an event that was born in cyberspace? I’d love to know.


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