Blogging grows by 68%

February 23, 2009

In my efforts to convince my clients that having a professional blog is a good thing, I’ve been trying to find some compelling stats that indicate the state of play out there. At last I’ve found them!

Here are some worldwide and US figures to chew on (if you have any Australian ones I’d love to see them!).

  • Blogging grew 68% in 2008
  • 346 million people worldwide read blogs
  • 77% of active web users read blogs
  • 184 million people say they’ve started a blog

The average blogger in the US:

  • 51% male (which means there are a lot of female bloggers too – yay)
  • Aged 35+ (58%)
  • Aged 18-34 (42%)
  • College educated, 74%







3 Responses to “Blogging grows by 68%”

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