Is there anyone there?

March 17, 2009

A sick child and 7 nights of zero sleep left me feeling a bit shattered last week. So shattered, that as I limped to my desk each morning to attend urgent-only work, the thought of updating my blog and miscellaneous social networking pages had absolutely no appeal.

Please note I am not a social networking addict…

Well, I thought I wasn’t anyway.

Even though I pretty much use these tools as business only (okay, my Facebook page might be more personal) my absence left me feeling strangely disconnected from the online world.  Indeed the world. Who was doing what on Twitter? Had anything interesting happened on Linked in? Would anyone notice my out-dated blog entry? When would my child sleep? (Sorry, loop thought there.)

This really surprised me!

So now I’m thinking that perhaps I do have some sort of addiction – a mild one, probably the same one that compels me to check my e-mails when I’ve told myself I’ve finished work for the day, or take my mobile to the pool when I’m doing laps.

I suspect, being a fellow citizen of the 21st century, you might know it too.


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