Conceptualising a new site

July 2, 2009

I finally got the party started on my new much-needed website. And while this is something I do for a living, the task has been no easier!

I’m working with the lovely and very talented small team at WEBO in particular their senior designer Vivi Fei who I’ve known for many years.

I love Vivi’s design style – she is truly a creative gem and best of all she is putting up with my rather whimsical abstract brief to create a 40s inspired, super modern, low-tech website. Sounds strange, hey. Will share more with you as the story unfolds.

But in a nutshell, here are some pointers for preparing the concept for your site:

Be clear about exactly what you want the site to do. Focus on the core specifics. For example: Get more companies to book in-house web writing workshops.

Start a visual scrapbook of images, websites, video clips that inspire you. These are very helpful to show your designer. You could even start a little wordpress blog to make it easy.

Think about colours and how they affect users psychologically. For example: black means power and authority; purple signifies wealth and luxury; green is calming and refreshing (my current choice).

Mock up some homepage copy. You will probably end up changing it once the rest of the site is done but I find it more powerful to see your real words (as opposed to good old lorem ipsum) paired to the new design so you can see how the marriage looks.

Here’s a little peep at my scrapbook. Stay tuned!

Visual inspiration for my new site


2 Responses to “Conceptualising a new site”

  1. Mary Morel Says:

    I love the new look and like your scrapbook idea. Well done. Mary.

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