Giving old content zing

August 10, 2009

Just back from a much needed break in the bush which has given me lots of time to not think! (Highly recommended).

Before I left I was madly working on a huge client project and also my own new website launch (strangely, I always seem to do these things at the same time.)

Both jobs required looking at old website content and deciding what was going to come over to the new site and what wasn’t.

5 quick content audit tips:

  • When you read the old page, does it make your want to read more or do you quickly zone out?
  • What’s changed that could affect the way your reader interprets the information on the page. The economic mood? Market trends? Client expectations?
  • Is there too much information on the page? Chances are, YES! Try and work to the 300 words or less per page rule. Hard I know but still worth aiming for.
  • Are you writing for the reader or for the organisation? Remember, it’s all about YOU not WE.
  • Will your reader care about this page? Be honest. Kill your darlings.

My new site will have a new built-in blog so will be redirecting you soon. I can’t wait to show it to you.