Nothing is original

July 6, 2009

Quote by Jim Jarmusch

Quote by Jim Jarmusch

Cool! Thanks for this Adam Jones of Spirit Level Designs. Kind of makes me feel original afterall.

An inspiring shot of Uluru at dawn

Uluru at dawn

I’ve got my head down, bottom up at the moment scrambling to deliver a whole bunch of web writing workshops for various lovely clients including the Australian Museum team who are launching a fab new site in 2009.

When I talk to people in my workshops about blogging there is always one very common response: ‘I don’t have time!’ This is closely followed by ‘We’d never be allowed to do that!’

So, it all comes down to time and permission. Or maybe giving ourselves permission to have time.

Whatever that means. I think it’s a little hot in my office.

I guess the bottom line is, business blogging should be a fun extension of your work thoughts. You know, the ones you’re already having in the shower or sitting on the bus in the mornings. Or when you come out of an interesting meeting or discussion.

In fact, when I had my shower this morning I was thinking that I needed to blog but it was going to be a busy day, so I probably wouldn’t have time to even think about a topic.

Then I came across this gorgeous shot on the V&A website when I was researching something and it got me thinking about how dramatic the natural environment can be and how it gives us space to think… and then I had a thought!

Hence this post.

So if you’re stuck for ideas (and time), go look at some pretty shots on Flickr. You’ll have to set aside a little time and tell yourself it’s okay to browse. But hey, it’s all in the name of work.