If you’ve been pondering whether to invite me along to run a web writing workshop at your workplace this year, I’m currently taking bookings for September and October 2009 in Sydney. Now, forgive  me but  I’m going to use that great steak-knives line: HURRY, DON’T DELAY.

Why the rush?

I’m having a baby in November.

Oh right… so how can I get more info about a web writing workshop?

Email Libby at or give me a call on 02 9300 8866.

Would love to hear from you


In the almost 12 years that I’ve been writing for the Web a lot has changed (and a lot hasn’t!). One of the things I really enjoy these days is getting to work with professional content strategists and online communications gurus who really know their stuff and can provide a really tight brief. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy helping teams who are a little in the dark and I often get to work quite closely with marketing teams who don’t have a heap of online experience, but are very keen to get it right.

Now, at the risk of this blog entry turning into an advertorial I think it would be inopportune not to mention the fact that I run in-house web writing training courses for companies (often using their own CMS) who have staff writing for the web – but who aren’t really writers. I think a lot of them are quite relieved when they get to spend a day really nailing their online copy and getting their heads around what it all means. We also usually have quite a few giggles as we deconstruct this whole ‘online experience’ thing. (Trust me, it can be very funny!)

If you’d like to know more about running a training course I’d love to hear from you. I love sharing what I know and I think I must quite enjoy the sound of my own voice or something.