If you’ve been pondering whether to invite me along to run a web writing workshop at your workplace this year, I’m currently taking bookings for September and October 2009 in Sydney. Now, forgive¬† me but ¬†I’m going to use that great steak-knives line: HURRY, DON’T DELAY.

Why the rush?

I’m having a baby in November.

Oh right… so how can I get more info about a web writing workshop?

Email Libby at or give me a call on 02 9300 8866.

Would love to hear from you


My next public web writing workshop is coming up and we’d love it if you could join us. It will be held at Editor Group in Sydney’s CBD. Full details here.

Things to get excited about include:

  • Your chance to work on your own online project with the advice of an expert (that’s me)
  • The chance to understand and feel inspired by Web 2 and all its gorgeous offerings.
  • An opportunity to learn how to take web writing shortcuts that will ultimately save you time and heartache.
  • The really nice lunch that Editor Group always serves.
  • Full course outline here.

When: Friday February 20, 2009. 9am-5pm

Where: Editor Group, Level 5, 249 Pitt Street, Sydney

Cost: $550 per person.

Book online now.